What is Software As A Service (SAAS)

Software As A Service is one layer of Cloud where ready to use application is available.  You can use this software services by just registering yourself and use it as you needed. Many of the paid and free applications are available in Market. Some of the famous examples for SAAS are
1. Gmail
2. FaceBook
3. WhatsApp
4. Google Drive…
5. .. etc.. list continue.
Paid Services are
1. Workday
2. Sales Force
3…. etc.. list continue.

Standard steps to install any Opensource Web Application

Many of Opensource Developers and communities are created their Applications with very planned and standardise way. Especially which I am listing on my website.  You need not aware of specific technologies (PHP, JAVA, ROR) to make these applications to up and running.

Wondering how?

Yes! you no need to be expert to make these applications up and running. Just you need to purchase some space in some of the famous hosting providers. Some of them which I am using is as follows.

  1. Godaddy
  2. Hostinger
  3. Hostclear
  4. Servers Free
  5. Openshift (By Redhat)

But if you are not very sure and having confusion to spend money before making your hands dirty and very first time playing with these things then you can go with ServersFree.com where I started my journey on HTML and PHP applications. In this server, you can deploy your first website with 0 cost and Hostinger also providing the free plan for your first website.

I would suggest you deploy first your static sites before going to dynamic one.

You can install open source application/websites by using following procedures.

  1. Installing website by uploading the file
  2. Installing website by pulling it from GIT.
  3. Using Auto Installer provided by your hosting provider.






Using Auto Installer provided by your hosting provider

This is very, very simple way to install your open source Application which is provided by almost all hosting providers.

Almost all hosting providers will provide you with the most famous open source Applications list and you can select and proceed with installation by just clicking the link install by providing some basic information like admin user details and Application name and then your application is ready with Application and Database and all necessary tools which you need to customise this particular application.  In this website almost 50% application installed using Autoinstaller.