Human Resource Management Applications

Nowadays even small startup needs complex human resource systems where they can handle human resource in the best way they can use.  Many applications in Market which really doing good. But at the same time, we are having many free applications for this requirement.  I found interesting software in this category.

  1. Orange HRM.



Orange HRM is one of the beautiful sites which I have found in open source software.  it is having all the capabilities which required for the organisation.

  1. System Administration & User Roles
  2. Personal Information Management (PIM)
  3. Leave /Time off Management
  4. Time & Attendance Management
  5. Performance
  6. Training
  7. … ETC

Environment & Technologies  (I am using  Hostinger India )

Web Server: Apache 2.X

Database: MySQL(5.6)

Language:  PHP (5.4 to 5.7)

official site:

Demo Site: Orange HRM Demo

credentials  for Demo:  Contact Anees Ahmed Mohammed