Student Information Sytem – Fedena


Fedena – Complete solution for Student Information System

Fedena is one of the successful open source solutions for Student / College information System with the complete set of modules, which are developed by using some latest technologies. Performance wise I am very happy with fedenda. They are having paid version as Software as a Service also available in their site with good support. I would suggest using their free version which is more than enough for medium scale schools.

What is Software As A service (SAAS)?

Environment & Technologies  (I am using  Open-shift Red-hat PAAS  )

Environment: Ruby 1.8

Database: MySQL(5.1)

official site:

Demo: Fedena in Openshift

credentials  for Demo:  Contact Anees Ahmed Mohammed

College / Students Information Systems

Nowadays Many colleges & Schools are having very complex needs to handle all the resources which need to run Small / Medium Level Educational Institutions. For this need, we are having many open source applications. Here I am demonstrating some of the Opensource Application which is very beautifully designed and can complete the need of current trends of any educational institutes.

  1. Fedena
  2. OpenSIS
  3. Edusensenote

Open SIS

We are already having beautiful open source software for Student information System Fedena. But still, I am recommending OpenSIS because Fedena is developed using ruby on rails(ROR) framework and it will not run in economical web servers and find resources for ROR is also bit difficult and expensive. so I am adding this OpenSIS software as it is developed in PHP. Please find the details about OpenSIS as follows.

Environment & Technologies  (I am using  Hostinger India )

Web Server: Apache 2.X

Database: MySQL(5.6)

Language:  PHP (5.4 to 5.7)

Official site:

Demo Link:  OpenSIS demo

credentials  for Demo:  Contact Anees Ahmed Mohammed


Edusensenote – School Management Software

We are pleased to introduce another School Management Software
Edusensenote. It is developed on open-source technologies and provided as Software as a service(SAAS). It is the free School Management Software readily available for Principals, Teachers, and Students.
It is widely used by a large number of schools in India.
Environment & Technologies  (Software as a Service )
Web Server: Apache 2.X
Database: MySQL(5.6)
Language : Jquery,  HTML, CSS
official site: