Student Information Sytem – Fedena


Fedena – Complete solution for Student Information System

Fedena is one of the successful open source solutions for Student / College information System with the complete set of modules, which are developed by using some latest technologies. Performance wise I am very happy with fedenda. They are having paid version as Software as a Service also available in their site with good support. I would suggest using their free version which is more than enough for medium scale schools.

What is Software As A service (SAAS)?

Environment & Technologies  (I am using  Open-shift Red-hat PAAS  )

Environment: Ruby 1.8

Database: MySQL(5.1)

official site:

Demo: Fedena in Openshift

credentials  for Demo:  Contact Anees Ahmed Mohammed

Classifieds Applications

Classified applications are most needed applications in middle-tier cities. People are trying to find the services and products in internet and most of the cases there is no proper outcome. So there is a beautiful solution are available in the Opensource list which can be used to do this requirement.

  1. OSClass
  2. OSClassified

Environment & Technologies  (I am using  Hostinger India )

Web Server: Apache 2.X

Database: MySQL(5.6)

Language:  PHP (5.4 to 5.7)

Official site:

Demo Link OSClass: OSClass Demo

Demo Link-OS Classified: OSClassified Demo


Static Websites

Static websites are websites which are not having dynamic behavior. It’s simple HTML pages which follow based on links and will not be having any decision-making capabilities.  It will be having just navigation from one page to another page and from one link to another link and very easy to publish in any hosting provider. Just once you create your web pages in local you just need to copy these files in hosting server and it will be ready to start. No special programming skills required to develop the Static website. Just HTML and CSS for beatification is enough.  But for every info, you need to have the static page which will take a lot of space in your hosting provider and most of the times space will be limited if you are going with basic or free plans.

Dynamic website

Dynamic website, as its name suggest its not an static website.  As name describes, it will have dynamic behavior, it will be interacting with users and based on user inputs it will behave dynamically.  Consider simple example, when users interacts with login page. When users enter his credentials and submit the page it will take the inputs from users and process it with its internal stored (database) data and validate whether the given information is correct. if the information provided is valid it will redirect to application page, else it will redirect it to same page and as to re-enter the details as the given details are not valid as per stored record in that particular website.  Dynamic website will have some dependencies to complete it tasks.  Following are the dependencies for Dynamic websites.

  1. Web Server
  2. Database
  3. Some specific languages which will create dynamic pages(JQuery, HTML5, PHP, .. etc)