Installing website by uploading file

Whenever you are creating the Hosting account you need to do some configuration related to your website.

  1. Creating your account by adding your domain, for example, consider it as or Your hosting provider may give you free domain on the purchase of Hosting account or One free subdomain for testing.
  2. Once you added your domain, hosting provider will give you multiple options for website creation, in that one option, is you can upload your files to your hosting account by using upload facility with multiple choices.
    • Screen with browse and upload button (if you are very new, go with this option).
    • FTP access (you can use Filezilla to connect and upload your files).
    • SSH access ( a Putty tool to connect and upload files and this is advanced level and you need some level of experts in commands to do this).
  3. Screen with Upload option is very similar like you are attaching the file in your Gmail account.  Just click the browse button and select the file from your local system and upload it and your website is ready.
  4. FTP you can use FileZilla where you can move files from Your local desktop to server by just drag and drop procedure.
  5. SSH upload is little complex and needs to have an idea on Unix commands to use this facility. But if you are an advanced developer then the best and secure option is SSH.


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